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           LEVEL OF PLAY
Registration Fee
Service Volunteer Check
(Refundable if volunteer hours are worked)
Mandatory Fundraiser
Per Family
(Non-Refundable but tickets can be sold to recoup money)
Instructional – 4 years old
Shetland – 5 & 6 years old
Pinto - 7 & 8 years old
Mustang - 9 & 10 years old
Bronco - 11 & 12 years old
Pony - 13 & 14 years old





COLT - 15/16 years old                   $150                        N/A                                 $120



Full payments(registration and fundraiser fees) must be made online at the time of registering, if payment is not made the registration will not be complete and will not be accepted.


Late Registration Fee - After February 1st

  • Registration will close on February 15th at 6pm for ALL LEVELS of PLAY
  • There could be exceptions made for late registrations if space on a team is available and a uniform order can be filled in time but all late registrations will be charged a $25 late fee and evaluated on a case by case basis.


2019 Volunteer Service Check (Post Dated for July 1, 2019)

  • A separate $125 Post Dated volunteer service deposit check and completed Volunteer Options form will be required at uniform pickup(one check per family not per player).  For the 2019 Spring season each "family" will need to volunteer FOUR(4) service hours and the volunteer service check will not be cashed.  No uniforms will be handed out without a check and a completed 2019 Spring Service Check Form.
  • If you choose not to volunteer for service hours, you may opt out on the form and your check will be cashed.
  • 4 Volunteer hours must be completed by the end of the 2018 All-Star Season.  Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited too working in the concession stand, emptying facility garbage cans in dumpster, Field Opening Day(date to be determined). 



      2019 Spring Fundraising Fee: $120.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE)

  • Each FAMILY will receive one booklet containing twelve $10 raffle tickets at uniform pickup to sell and recoup the $120 fundraiser fee paid upon registration.
  • Details of the prizes will be given out with the tickets at uniform pickup on April 6th at Dick’s Sporting Goods at South Hills Village 


2019 Skills Evaluations

All Pinto, Mustang and Bronco players must attend ONE of the player evaluations February 2nd and 16th at C-Side Sports Academy.

2019 Spring Baseball Player Evaluations

February 2nd & 16th    Pinto Check In between 

                                 Mustang Check In between  

                                 Bronco Check In betwen 


6 Year Old Shetland players that turn 7 after August 31st, 2019 that would like to play up into Pinto this Spring must attend the tryout on February 2nd or 16th at 1pm.  6 year olds that attend tryout are not guaranteed to play up, the decision will be up to the evaluators if a player is ready or not.  Please email Shawn McClory at mcclorycmbb@gmail.com if you plan on attending the 6 year old tryout to playup.  6 year olds that turn 7 on or before August 31st, 2019 are considered 7 year olds for this year will already play at the Pinto level and will have to attend one of the scheduled Pinto evaluations.

All players that attend the evaluations must bring a glove, helmet and bat with them.  The Pinto. Mustang and Bronco evaluations are NOT tryouts these are just a way for us to try to put together evenly talented teams for the Spring season.


No evaluations for Instructional, Shetland or Pony players.


PLACE:  C-Side Sports Academy, 11 Line Drive Lane, Washington PA 15301

(Chris Sidick from C-Side Sports will be assisting with player evaluations.)

All players in the Pinto, Mustang and Bronco levels must attend one of the above evaluation dates.

Please check in during the assigned scheduled times so things can run as smooth as possible.



For any questions, please contact a Board Member or email the league at updates@cmyba.org


Canon Mac Youth Baseball Association, PO Box 225, Canonsburg, PA 15317