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Each family will pay a $120 fundraiser fee when registering their player or players for the Spring season.  The fundraiser fee is per family not per player.  Each family will receive a Lucky Lotto Booklet of tickets at uniform pickup April 7th to sell and recoup the fundraising fee they paid at registration.  More info on the prizes and booklets to follow.


The prizes for the Lucky Lotto Tickets will be drawn at Baseball Fest on May 19th

Seventeen Cash prizes:  $1000(1),  $500(2),  $250(4),  $100(10)

Five $100 Dick's Gift Cards

Two TV's

Two Xbox One Consoles

One Tree Stand

One Patio Heater 



It's a new year and always an exciting time for Canon Mac Youth Baseball Association. This year we will all be selling the Olde Country Lucky Lotto Raffle tickets.  The Lucky Lotto tickets will be one of our main fundraisers for this year.  We will be using the proceeds of this ticket sale to help with the costs of field maintenance, insurance, equipment, uniforms & much more. 


Instructions for your Lucky Lotto, Ticket Sale

  • Since you have prepaid for your tickets at registration, it is the decision of each family as to how many tickets you wish to sell. You can keep some, or all of the tickets for your chance to win one of multiple prizes at Baseball Fest. For those families that choose to sell the tickets, you will just keep the money collected. Please place your ticket stubs in an envelope and hand them in to your coach by Friday, May 11th.  If you can’t get them to your coach by this date, you can also hand them in at the fields on the day of Baseball Fest, Saturday, May 19th.  If your planning on handing them in the day of, please make sure the stubs are removed from the booklets so they can be dropped into the raffle ticket bin.


  • Each book contains 40 spots to rub off and 50 tickets. The buyer of the ticket will rub a spot to determine the amount of their donation. They will pay that amount & receive their ticket. The ticket amount ranges from FREE to $5.00, with $5.00 being the most expensive ticket.

The 10 extra tickets that are left over are yours.  They are free as a thank you for being part of Canon Mac Youth Baseball.That gives you 10 FREE CHANCES of winning one of our prizes. 


  • The winning tickets will be drawn at our annual Baseball Fest on May 19th. 

     For questions, please email the website at www.cmyba.org


Best wishes for an enjoyable season.