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Picture day is scheduled for THE WEEK OF APRIL 24-28, 2017.  Check your team's schedule on the league website for your team's date and time. 

Location - We will be set up at Falconi field near the Big Blue Building (OLD concession stand).   


This email contains important information to make picture day go as smooth as possible.  


1.  This link contains important information including the picture day schedule.  

The schedule is very tight.  We will be working hard to stay on schedule and will NOT be able to wait for any players that are not there for their scheduled time slot.  (They can always come for an individual photo later)



2.  We will not be distributing paper forms.  See the instructions below on how to place your order.  (we will have paper forms on picture day for parents that are not able to order electronically).  




CMYBA: April 24-28, 2017


TSS Photography has a NEW Picture Day Ordering Process.  This new process eliminates the need for paper order forms.  


You will SAVE TIME by PRE-ORDERING photos and products on-line prior to picture day.  


You can order on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device up to 1 hour 
prior to your scheduled photo time.  


1.  Go to:   www.tssorders.com


2.  Enter the Event ID #: 26998083  to get to your event.  

3.  Select Your Child's team from the categories drop down list.  (if you have multiple children, please place separate orders for each child and/or family photo)


4. Select your packages, package add-on's or a-la-carte items and add them to your cart, then proceed to checkout.  (If you have multiple children, we suggest you create an account at checkout as it will keep you from having to re-enter much of the same information on an subsequent order).

5. We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Check  


6. Once completed, you will receive an Order # as well as receive an email confirmation of your order.  This information will automatically be captured at the camera stations and await your child to be photographed so we can assign their image(s) directly to that order.


Any child that places an order can received ONE FREE BUTTON - you have to order it!  It is under the sports tab and is labeled "FREE PHOTO BUTTON".  


Your league has selected the convenient "ship to parent" program.  All products will be shipped directly to your home.  This results in a faster turnaround time and minimal occurrences of "lost photos".  

TSS will have staff available on picture day to assist parents who are not able to pre-order on-line.  


Thank you for your cooperation as we implement this new and improved ordering system ... we look forward to seeing you on picture day!     

Please call or email with any questions 





Monday 4/24/17 530pm DiAngelo Instructional
  540pm Zanolli Shetland
  550pm Kostelnik Shetland
  6pm Glass Pinto
  610pm Black Pinto
  620pm Egizio Bronco
  630pm Ammon Bronco
  640pm Jordan Mustang
  650pm Hollenbach  Mustang
  7pm Porter Pinto
  710pm Jansma Pinto
  720pm Collins Pony
  730pm Popielarczyk Pony
Tuesday 4/25/17 530pm Enrietti Instructional
  540pm Moser Shetland
  550pm Dantry Pinto
  6pm McQuiggan Pinto
  610pm Musser Pinto
  620pm McMahon Mustang
  630pm Ciotti Bronco
  640pm Gasparovic Bronco
  650pm McClory Pinto
  7pm Krut Bronco
  710pm Miller Pony
  720pm Siller Pony
  730pm Stanton Pony
Wednesday 4/26/17 530pm Potts Shetland
  6pm Fisher Pinto
  610pm Hall Pinto
  620pm Harms Pinto
  630pm Rossi Bronco
  640pm Steele Mustang
  650pm Patterson Mustang
  7pm McCaffrey Pinto
  710pm Kunca Pinto
  720pm Longacre Pinto
  730pm Kohlmeyer Pony
Thursday 4/27/17 530pm Smith Instructional
  540pm Pettigrew Shetland
  550pm Davis Shetland
  6pm Campoli Mustang
  610pm Colavecchia Mustang
  620pm Graham Mustang
  630pm Wateska Bronco
  640pm Simko Mustang
  650pm Taczak Mustang
  7pm Tennant Mustang
Friday 4/28/17 530pm Welsh Instructional
  540pm Poleski Shetland
  550pm Spencer Shetland
  6pm Erb Shetland
  610pm McKain Shetland
  620pm White Pinto
  640pm Bertram Shetland
  650pm Bertram Mustang