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Please make sure all your contact information (address, email, phone numbers) is up to date each season on the league website.  Coaches and the organization use this information for communicating directly to parents.



Each player will be provided with a uniform shirt and hat with paid registration including fundraiser and a volunteer service check with completed volunteer service check form.  Volunteer service checks and forms are collected at uniform pickup.  Use thIs link to print service check form: 2019 Fall Service Check Form.pdf

Each team will be provided with 3 coaches shirts (head coach and 2 assistant coaches).  If more coach shirts or hats are needed they can usually be purchased directly from our uniform supplier. 

The organization only orders the number of uniform shirts and hats that are needed for each season, we do not have any extra stock of uniform shirts or hats.

2019 Spring uniforms were ordered through J&D Engraving and Awards in Canonsburg, any issues with uniform should be directed to J&D Engavings and Awards. 



Volunteer hours and volunteer service deposit checks are required each season on a per family basis not per player.  

SPRING SEASON:  Four (4) volunteer hours are required per family for the Spring season in order for your service check not to be cashed.  One volunteer service deposit check of $125 per family will be required at uniform pickup along with a completed volunteer service check form. 

FALL SEASON:   Two (2) volunteer hours are required per family for the Fall season in order for your service check not to be cashed.  One volunteer service deposit check of $50 per family will be required at uniform pickup along with a completed volunteer service check form.

Uniforms will NOT be handed out to anyone not providing a service check and a completed volunteer service check form.  Volunteer service check forms can be printed from the link under the REGISTRATIONS tab on the league website.

Families of an Instructional Level only player(s), meaning that you do not have any other children playing at any other level within CMYBA, DO NOT need to volunteer or provide a service check.



Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the league website and/or sent via email.  Some volunteer opportunity examples are working the concession stand, emptying all the facility garbage cans into the dumpster, Field Opening/Closing Days and other areas that may need volunteers requested by the board.  You must signup for the shift on the website prior to working the shift.  If you cannot make a shift that you signed up for please remove yourself from the shift via the website, not showing up for a shift that you are signed up for makes it harder for the other volunteer that is signed up since most shifts have 2 volunteers per shift. 

- Concession Stand shift service hours DO NOT count if the games are cancelled, no credit will be given for cancelled shifts. To insure you receive volunteer credit when you work remember you must clearly SIGN THE SIGN IN SHEETS provided at each concession stand or volunteer event opportunity, please print your name, your player’s name and your contact phone number.

- Trash Can shifts require that ALL (17) blue and yellow trash cans around the Falconi facilty to be emptied into the dumpster in the front parking lot.  If the concession stand is open during your shift please sign the sheet in the concession stand.  If the concession stand is not open the empty trash cans are proof that the job was completed, if ALL the trash cans are not empty no credit will be given.  Trash can shifts are a two person job that could require some heavy lifting and you may want to bring a pair of gloves as well.  If the second person doesn't show up please empty the cans around fields 1 & 2 and concession stand, send us an email at updates@cmyba.org that the other person didn't show up and let us know that you had to do it yourself.  Trash can shifts are a rain or shine volunteer shift, these shifts do not get cancelled if games are.  It is recommended that the two volunteers meet near the concession stand at the start time of the shift to work together in the collection and dumping of the cans.  These are popular shifts and usually fill up quickly, if two people work together this shift can be completed under 2 hours but you do get 2 volunteer hours for completing this shift. 

- Field day shifts are available at the beginning of the Spring season, at the end of the Fall season and sometimes before/after the All-Star season.  This when we open, close or just clean up the facilties.  Duties vary but are communicated prior or the day of the field day.

- Head Coaches are given volunteer credit for the season but still need to provide a service deposit check at uniform pickup which will serve as a deposit check for the equipment they receive from the organization.  Once the equipment is returned at the end of the season your check will be destroyed or returned.  Head Coaches are given the volunteer credit because they attend the player draft/team selections, mandatory coaches/umpire meeting, are expected to help on field days, expected to help maintain the fields and are responsible for the league’s equipment all of which combined are more than the required volunteer hours for the organization.  

- Assistant Coaches/Scorekeepers DO NOT receive volunteer hours credit for assisting/scorekeeping, they must work the required season's volunteer shifts just like all our other families.



There is one fundraising fee per family not per player in the Spring season.  2019 the Spring fundraiser is $120 which is paid up front when you register for the Spring season and you will receive a ticket booklet with twelve $10 tickets to sell at uniform pickup day.  You can sell these tickets and keep the money to get your $120 back that you paid unfront at registration. Fundraiser may change from year to year.



Each player needs their own bat (check bat rules before purchasing a bat), glove, helmet, baseball pants, socks and cleats.  Baseball pants must be worn for games, players cannot play baseball in shorts. 

Helmets with full facemask are required at the Instructional, Shetland and Pinto levels. No player will be permitted to bat without a full facemask in a practice or a game.  Helmet flap or c-flap is not considered a full face mask. Mouth guards, shirts with built in chest protection and protective cups are also suggested but not required for players.

The color of pants and socks will be determined by the head coach after uniforms are selected at the player draft so you may want to wait to hear from your coach before purchasing game pants and socks.  Most coaches choose white pants for games but the coach may want the team to wear another color depending on your team's uniform shirt color.  

Metal cleats are NOT permitted at the Instructional, Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco levels.

Please write your player's name on all their equipment, items get lost every season without names.



Before the start of each Spring season CMYBA holds a PLAYER EVALUATION for the players at the  Pinto, Mustang and Bronco levels.  This is not a tryout, this is just an opportunity to see each player's skill level so that when the teams are drafted we can try to have well balanced teams for the Spring season.  ALL players (except Blaze) registered at the Pinto, Mustang and Bronco levels are required to attend ONE of the player evaluations which includes but not limited too batting, catching, throwing and running.  Please bring a bat, helmet and glove to the evaluation.  Evaluation dates and times will be communicated via the website and/or email.

Instructional, Shetland and Pony level players DO NOT participate in the player evaluations.

6 year old Shetland players that would like to play up to the Pinto and bypass their 2nd year of the Shetland level must attend the designated tryout.  No player will be permitted to play up without attending the tryout.  The decisions by the evaluators after the tryout on whether a player will be permitted to play up to the Pinto level are final.  Players must bring a glove, bat and helmet to the tryout.  This is only available for the Spring baseball season.



Coaches are asked to stay in contact with their parents before and during the season.  We ask that the parents notify their coach via text, email, phone call, SI Play APP or website when your player will not make it to a game or practice.  Coaches volunteer a lot of time and expect every player to be at each game and practice unless they hear otherwise so if you are not able to make a game or practice please let them know ahead of time.  Coaches not only need to have a batting lineup in place but a lot of them do their position rotation ahead of time because the position rotation rules it can be tough to do during the game.  



Download the SI Play App for your smartphone, this is an easy way to communicate with your coach and team.  It also has your team's schedule and will post any schedule changes if they happen.



The rules and information for each level of play are listed under the AGE GROUP RULES & INFO tab on the CMYBA website.  Please be sure to check the MAXIMUM bat barrel sizes for your player's level of play before purchasing a new bat.  



Please remember that everyone involved with the league is a volunteer.  The organization relies on volunteers everyday with everything league related and are always looking for more help.  If you are interested in getting involved we'd appreciate any help, please contact a board member or your coach. Thank you!



The Board holds a General League Meeting every month, usually the second Sunday of the month.  The date, time and place may vary month to month but are communicated via the website homepage.  Parents/Guardians with players in our organization are welcome to attend.



No refunds shall be given after the uniforms are ordered.  A refund shall be given (minus $10 to cover online transaction fees and other costs) if a player resigns prior to ordering the uniforms.  Uniforms are ordered right after the teams are selected at the player draft when registration ends.



The league does not schedule makeup games or practices for the coaches.  Rainouts or cancelled games/practices are to be rescheduled by the coaches of the teams involved.  Once the coaches agree on a date, field and time that is available they are to notify the Scheduling Director and the makeup game or practice gets scheduled.  Please remember that your coaches put a lot of time into your team.  It can be tough to reschedule games if the 2 coaches can't find a date that works for both trying to schedule around the currently scheduled games, other teams scheduled games, work, etc.  The league schedules more than enough games that if a few get rained out and are unable to be rescheduled that it's still a good amount of games plus the playoffs for Pinto and above.  Shetland usually gets about 10-12 games scheduled in a regular Spring season and Pinto, Mustang, Bronco usually has 12-14 games scheduled, depending when we can begin the season (April weather).  Instructional level plays 1 game a week for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings.  

The Fall regular season usually runs for 8 weeks. Two weeks of practices and 6 weeks of games with 2 games a week being scheduled for all levels.  There is no Instructional level baseball in the Fall.



CMYBA sets up individual player and team pictures each Spring.  Details will be sent out via email and the league website.  Team picture schedule (once created) can be found under the PARENT'S INFO tab on the league website as well.



The full website has all of the league’s information, registrations and volunteer signups.  The mobile site is a condensed version that doesn’t have all the information that’s available.  If you cannot find something on the mobile site please refer to the full website.


Any questions or concerns please contact your coach or a CMYBA board member.