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Pinto Division (7 - 8 Years Old)

Pinto Division baseball is the first introduction to the fundamentals of baseball.  Coaches still pitch to players.  A hit ball is fielded by the field players with the attempt to make an out.  10 players take the field with 4 outfielders.  Two coaches will direct players on the field from 20 feet behind the outfielders.  Coaches pitch from 38 feet.  Bases are set at 60 feet.

Practices will be the first 2 - 3 weeks of the season.  After that dedicated time frame, teams will play games primarily.  Coaches will have the ability to schedule practices when field times are available.  Games will typically be Monday thru Friday and occasional Saturdays.  Teams will play 2 games per week on average.  Pinto games are usually played on Falconi Field 1, 2, 4, Cecil Elementary and Cecil Park.

Each player needs their own glove, bat and helmet with face cage.

USA BASEBALL stamped bats with a maximum barrel size of 2 5/8"


Rules can be found at the below link.

2019 PINTO Rules