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Shetland Division (5 - 6 Years Old)

Shetland Division is an introduction to the game of baseball.  Coaches will attempt to pitch to players(only 6 pitches) and use a baseball tee if the batter does not hit the ball.  Players in the field will be taught how to field ground and fly balls and throw it to a base.  Every player will hit the ball.  Every player will play in the field.  The focus will be on fun.  Bases are set at 50 feet.


Practices will be the first 2 - 3 weeks of the season.  After that dedicated time frame, teams will play games primarily.  Coaches will have the ability to schedule practices if field times are available.  Games will typically be one game Monday thru Friday and one game on Saturday.  Teams will play 2 games per week on average.


Rules can be found at the below link.